Product Care & Maintenance

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is best cleaned with a mild detergent cleaner. Do not use harsh cleansers with a pH level below 4 or above 9 as they may stain or destroy the finish. Discolouring of the anodic coating due to these chemical reactions is not covered under warranty. Please use caution when selecting cleansers.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a common chromium-nickel alloy steel used in thousands of products from ocean-going craft to tableware. A protective chromium oxide film forms on its surface, which gives stainless steel its superior corrosion resistant properties. When properly maintained, stainless steel maintains its excellent luster, strength and durability, and in most applications, will not rust, corrode or stain, even after many years of service.

However, stainless steel is NOT stain or rust proof if not properly maintained. When in contact with calcium chloride, chloride salts, sulfides or other rusting metals, stainless steel can discolour, rust or even corrode!

Proper care and maintenance of stainless steel in marine environments, polluted surroundings, salted highways or other situations where stainless steel may be exposed to corrosive elements, will keep your stainless steel products beautiful and functional for years to come!

Polish for Stainless Steel Products

An ideal product for cleaning and polishing of stainless steel automotive products is Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish or Autosol Metal Polish. This product should be available at many auto parts outlets throughout Canada and the US. Always follow the instructions of Eagle One Industries when using their product.