Truck Hardware Warranty

Truck Hardware Ltd. Products are warrantied to be free from defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty covers replacement of any defective product at no charge. Labour for replacement or service of defective product is not paid or reimbursed by Truck Hardware Ltd. All products received should be reviewed before install to ensure that all parts are accounted for, and that there are no issues. If anything is of question, please contact us immediately.

This warranty does not cover any damage, defect or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, accident, improper installation, modification or improper or lack of maintenance (see product care & maintenance). This warranty also does not cover regular wear and tear on brackets, plates, or mounting hardware.

Please note that Truck Hardware Ltd has replacement component parts available to assist consumers and dealers to resolve warranty and non-warranty issues as quickly as possible.

Gatorback Mud Flaps

Gatorback Mud Flaps have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against any manufacturer defects. To process a warranty claim, we will require product photos, and a copy of the receipt for the mudflap installation or purchase. This warranty does not cover any damage, defect or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, accident, improper installation, modification or improper or lack of maintenance. This warranty also does not cover regular wear and tear on mud flaps, brackets, plates, or mounting hardware.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel parts and products are warrantied against manufacturers defects. Truck Hardware does not warranty damage, surface corrosion, or rust caused by abuse or improprer care.

Without proper care, stainless steel can sometimes develop stains or minor surface corrosion when exposed to certain conditions. Before a stainless steel product will be warrantied the customer must attempt to polish the product. If it does not polish out then we will request photos be provided. 99% of the time any marks polish out. If the product comes back to us and we can clean it, then no credit will be issued.

See also our stainless steel care information.

Powder Coat

Powder coat finishes are warrantied against manufacturer defects only. Truck Hardware does not warranty powder coated products against damage caused by abuse, or regular wear and tear, including damage caused by road debris.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Other products available through Truck Hardware, are covered by their Manufacturer's Warranty. Manufacturer warranty details are typically available on the manufacturers website. Detailed manufacturer warranty information can also be obtained by contacting our customer service department.

Missing or Incorrect Parts

We would like to apologize if anything is missing or incorrect with your purchase. Our first priority is giving you a quality product you will be happy with. We are dedicated to getting you fixed up as soon as possible. Please, initially contact the place where you purchased your mud flaps from, as warranty requests should go through the supplier. If that fails, please contact us directly.

In order to submit a claim, we ask that you provide the following label information from your kit. This allows us to check other kits from the same order number to prevent others from suffering the same inconvenience. We take these errors seriously, and having this information from your kit, helps us to also analyze and prevent errors from happening moving forward. Please also include the part number of the product ordered.

First, we would like to have an image of the label on the box, specifically showing these numbers:

Box label

If there are any “Q.A.” labels, we also require an image of this label.

Q.A. label Q.A. label

While uncommon, there is a possibility that parts are mislabelled or mispackaged. If you think this pertains to you, please provide images of the mud flaps themselves and the label on the bag.

Parts label

Another way to ensure that we are providing you the correct replacements is to use the installation instructions. Each part has a coinciding part number. You can use this to advise us of exactly what you are missing.

If you are in the USA, please reach out to your supplier. Our US partners normally have hardware on hand to fulfill warranty requests. If they do not, it will be sent from Canada, which could add to the time in which you will get replacement parts. We appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Last updated January 3, 2024